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How to Make Moving With Children Easier !

How to Make Moving With Children Easier !

Mover4u.com How to Make Moving With Children Easier !

Children might not show it sometimes, but just as moving is a stressful time for the grownups then it can be the same for any children concerned. Children of course will probably be full of excitement about the move and making new friends, perhaps starting at a new school. However they will also feel sadness and apprehension, they will have to say goodbye to old friends and their school and of course all the places they are used too. If you are moving with children then there are many things that you can do to make the process easier on them and you.

One of the main factors that will have to be taken into account is when to tell the children you are moving. Many believe that waiting until the very last minute to tell their children of the move is the best way to go about it as that way there is less time for the child to worry about the move. However usually this is one of the worst things you could do and experts believe that it is imperative to tell your children about the move as soon as you know you are moving. 

Sit down and talk with your children about where you are moving too and if possible even when looking for a new home you should involve the children to some extent. By doing so you are showing that their opinion matters. Tell them what the process entails and ask them for their help when it comes to packing their own rooms. Your children will have many questions and it is imperative that you answer them as truthful as possible. Remember just as you will want to visit places around your home before moving, then so will the children. By telling them about the move at an early stage it will give them plenty of opportunity to think about the places they want to visit.

If you have very young children then there are many excellent books available that you are able to look at together and read. This will take some of the fear away regarding what is happening around them. Even if young children do not really understand what is happening around them they will be able to sense that something is not as it should be. Again taking about the basics and how much fun it will be in the new home is essential.

On the actual day you are moving then young children are often best left with loved ones. Where possible they should go to stay with family members that they have enjoyed stopping over with before on the evening of the move. This will not only make it easier on the children but also on you as you will not have to be worrying about them or taking care of them on the actual day of moving. When you have settled in and are more relaxed, you can go and collect them to see their new home.

If children are slightly older and can help you to some extent on the day of the move then you should try to remain as calm as possible. If you are showing anxiety and upset then this of course will pass onto the children, you should try to make moving day as fun as possible. You can leave your home to move into the new one at the same time as the removal van, or slightly later and encourage children to look out for the van as you catch it up. If going a fair distance then make sure that you take such things as drinks and nibbles with you in the car and of course have a supply of wet wipes to clean sticky fingers and mouths. 
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