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Mover4u.com Moving Tips Guide – For a Stress Free Move

Mover4u.com Moving Tips Guide – For a Stress Free Move

Mover4u.com Moving Tips Guide – For a Stress Free Move.

There are a hundred and one things that have to be done when moving so planning ahead is essential. For one you will have to search online for movers in the U.S. and Canada who are professional and who can give reasonable moving quotes. Booking U.S. and Canada mover well in advance of the move is essential as the best can be extremely busy and get booked up quickly. Therefore you need to begin your search for a firm around 8 weeks at least before the moving date. The best thing to do is to make a checklist which you are able to tick off as the weeks approach.

 A specialist U.S. and Canada moving company’s website can provide you with a lot of great advice and information regarding the whole moving process and this is a great place to begin your search for tips relating to moving.

One of the lists you should aim for is a “who to inform” list. This can be pretty extensive once you consider everyone that needs to know about the move. When you have informed them of the date you will be moving then put a check next to their name and move onto the next on the list. Your Childs school, the dentist, your Doctor and employer should be on the top. Following this banks, insurance companies, mail and utility companies need informing. You will also have to tell the council tax office, DVLA, any subscriptions that you make such as regular charities along with any newsagents who deliver paper magazines e.t.c

When it comes to packing then you need to make a list of all the items you will need and go out and buy them well before time. Some of the items you would need include strong cardboard boxes, preferably double walled, packing materials such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam and of course labels and a marking pen. Write what is in the box and which room the items were taken from on the label and this will make things easier when you come to unpack. Take special care and attention to any items that are fragile and make sure it is known that the boxes contain fragile items.

Start packing any items which are considered to be none essential well before the day of the move. If you leave everything until the last minute then you are going to make moving a lot more difficult and stressful. Just leave the bare few items that you cannot live without until the last minute.

Around a week before the date you are moving get your gas and electric meters read and make sure that you pay up to date. You also need to check with the removal firm that everything is still ok for the big day and make sure that you will have utility services at your new home when you arrive. If all goes well then your moving day will go along stress free and if not then count to ten, take a deep breath and fix whatever the problem as best as you can. 
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