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Advertise your moving company moving leads provider for moving companies

Mover4u.com is the World dedicated moving comparison site and the largest comprehensive moving directory and Moving Companies SEO marketing advertising and PR expert.

As a U.S. based and owned company with over fifteen year experience in Local residential movers leads, commercial moving leads, domestic removal leads, car transport leads, car movers leads, auto shipping leads, Long Distance leads, moving labor and help leads, packing service leads, moving supplies leads, Interstate and international moving management leads and twenty years in IT distribution we understand the needs of both the moving company and private mover.

Our aim is to provide consistent quality leads within all areas of the moving industry, using internet search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Local Directories, direct marketing and social media advertisements.

We only focus on moving and relocation services leads so all of our time and effort is concentrated on ensuring we reach as many genuine quality moving leads as possible. Qualified Local Movers Leads, Long Distance Moving Companies Leads, International Overseas Movers Leads, Industrial Commercial Office Movers Leads and Storage Moving Leads A unique and simple pricing structure to coincide with the ‘low moving season’ to ensure you still receive quality leads in the quieter times and save money A maximum of 5 moving companies per area to ensure exclusivity and minimise competition, also exclusive moving leads programs are optional in some areas.

Competitive rates from as little as $3.75* per lead to no greater than $25.50* per exclusive lead. No additional charges, you only pay for the moving leads you receive Free registration Nationwide coverage U.S. and Canada and some international Countries. Free, Quick and Easy to use dedicated moving website. Local and Domestic Movers, Long Distance, Interstate, International, Office and Storage companies Zip Codes Postcode and location recognition to ensure only local moving companies are contacted A maximum of 5 local moving companies contacted per area.

Why Join Mover4u.com Moving Directory?


Free basic directory listing for you to submit your company and website to comprehensive Mover4u.com moving directory, Access to millions of moving consumers and real estate agents.

Mover4u.com is the premier source for the most qualified moving and relocation leads online and we are the exclusive internet lead partner for the emplyee relocation to silicon valley association startup entrepreneurs. Mover4u.com is able to identify and pre-qualify consumers who are ready to move by participating in search engine marketing like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages and other local directories. includes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and many other social network

These consumers are shopping for a home, planning to build a new home, looking for an apartment, or senior housing. Mover4u.com gives you access to millions of these qualified movers.

Save money with our pay-per-lead programs

Why spend hundreds on print media and have to screen through dead leads when you can spend only dollars per lead that are pre-qualified to your specifications? Maximize your ROI by only paying for qualified leads from serious consumers.

Our technology verifies information entered by the user to ensure the validity of phone numbers, zip codes, Postal Codes, City, State, Country, and email addresses. The system also automatically checks for duplicate leads and credits your account for any lead delivered with the same user information and move type within a 7-day period.

Customize your program to meet your needs

The Mover4u.com lead program gives you the flexibility to customize and target your leads Choose your:

  • Geographies of interest

    • - By origination and/or destination
    • - By state or by area code
    • - By minimum or maximum distance
  • Categories of leads

    • - Full Service Leads (Interstate and/or Intrastate)
    • - Last Minute Leads (Interstate and/or Intrastate)
    • - International Leads
    • - Automobile Transport Leads
    • - Self Service Leads (Interstate Only)
    • - Specialty Leads (Arts & Antiques, Office, Piano)
  • Weight restrictions - Full service leads can be further customized by choosing weight restrictions

    • - 5,000 pounds or more
    • - Less than 5,000 pounds... or limit weight by interval

Track your leads with our comprehensive online reporting

In addition to receiving real-time leads via email, HTTP post, or XML, you are provided with a user name and password to log in to our online tool to access your leads.

Compete only with licensed and insured service providers

Mover4u.com is committed to quality and ensures that all moving companies are properly licensed and insured as regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Mover4u.com is committed to providing the highest quality mover listings to protect consumers and to help reduce the time, cost and stress of the moving process. Therefore, we ask all potential service providers to acknowledge and agree to our Commitment to Quality Leads.

On Mover4u.com you compete at most against 5 other movers (it varies by category, the average is 3 to 4), compared to other competitor networks, which match each consumer with up to 15 moving companies.

If you would like to join Mover4u.com it could not be easier, simply complete the registration form by clicking the Register Now button below. Should you have any questions or queries please contact us at sales@mover4u.com.com

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